The experiences that contributed to my life to feel whole and creative occurred initially within the context of our own family and community. I also experience as a child the benefits of Naturopathic Medicine and the arts. And as a teen, I knew it was my calling to study and practice Traditional Naturopathic Medicine, the healing philosophies and the arts. In 1992 after meeting Mary Burmeister, I began to study and practice the art of healing, Jin Shin Jyutsu. To know more about the art of harmonizing the Life Energy in the body, visit:

I lead Art and Spirituality Retreats, Mindfulness and Creativity Seminars since 1986.

  • 1986 Founder and Director of Art for All School & Children’s Museum Seminars-Classes in Art, Meditation, Nutrition for children and their families.

  • Weekly classes in painting, handmade books, storytelling and handmade puppets            

Multicultural and Multigenerational Community Programs - Community Murals: Painting our Towns with children, seniors and artists.  

I continue painting, and exhibit my art work in several local, national and international venues.