The experiences that contributed to my life to feel whole and creative occurred initially within the context                         of our own family and community.  I experienced my family's loving care, the teachings of Naturopathic Medicine, and our genuine friendships with community.  We shared traditional teachings from oral traditions, traditional ways of life and spiritual philosophies, storytelling and the arts.  This is the reason why  I've chosen the life long studies and practice of Traditional Naturopathic Medicine, Healing Philosophies and the Fine Arts.  In 1992  after meeting Mary Burmeister, I integrated Jin Shin Jyutsu into my practice.

1986 - Founded and directed Art for All School. Art, Meditation, Nutrition and Total Wellbeing                                                         The Children's Museum. Exhibitions of Children's Art Work, Presentations of their Poems, and Books.            

    Multicultural Community Events. Earth Day Celebration

            Murals: Painting our Towns with children, senior and young artists.  

1991 - Art and Spirituality Retreats - Healing, Mindfulness and Creativity  

I  also volunteer to teach Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help in libraries, health centers and clinics, colleges, schools, art galleries   and art museums. 

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